The Benefits of Monitored GPS Systems for Fleet Management

The benefits of monitored gps systems for fleet management go far beyond being able to see a vehicle’s location on a map. As a tried-and-tested technology, GPS tracking goes a long way in helping fleets achieve their goals by providing actionable data on vehicles, equipment and drivers.

Reduces operational costs

GPS tracking enables efficient routes, reducing unnecessary travel and unnecessary idling, which results in significant fuel savings. This data also helps companies identify and correct fuel-inefficient driving behaviors, such as harsh acceleration or unnecessary idling, which further contributes to lower fuel costs. Additionally, GPS equipment tracking gives companies insight into maintenance scheduling, preventing costly repairs and extending asset lifespans.

Fleet managers can use GPS learn more here to optimize service delivery based on actual customer demand, which improves service levels and leads to greater business efficiency. This is especially important for public services, where budget constraints are a reality. Moreover, GPS equipment tracking gives customers peace of mind about the safety of their cargo while being transported between job sites.

Improves driver safety

Fleet safety is a priority for all businesses, and GPS tracking is a powerful tool to help ensure it. GPS devices equipped with accelerometers alert drivers and supervisors to unsafe driving behaviors like speeding, sudden braking, and distracted driving. Combined with AI-integrated dashcams, this information can be used to develop comprehensive driver coaching programs that promote safer driving practices.

In addition, GPS tracks and records vehicle activity, allowing fleet managers to verify delivery times and other performance metrics. This bolsters business operations and improves productivity by eliminating time-consuming paperwork, such as proof of delivery, and streamlining back-office workflows. GPS fleet tracking can also be incorporated into automated, digital inspection and maintenance protocols.

With live tracking capabilities, GPS can also provide a strong deterrent against theft and improve the chances of recovering stolen vehicles. By monitoring the exact location of a vehicle or piece of equipment, GPS tools alert the police to the exact location, ensuring faster recovery and minimizing lost revenue.

With a fleet filled with exorbitantly priced equipment, it’s imperative to keep track of the assets to avoid losing them. GPS equipment tracking enables managers to monitor the whereabouts of all vehicles and machinery in real-time, enabling them to react quickly in case of theft or emergency situations. This enables them to provide immediate assistance and reduce project delays, which in turn boosts customer satisfaction. In addition, a fully-implemented MiX Telematics GPS solution enables fleets to proactively manage their equipment by monitoring its health and avoiding unexpected breakdowns. This enables the fleet to operate at peak efficiency while lowering risk, liability and cost.

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