10 Cost-Saving DIY HVAC Maintenance Tips

If you want to save on your energy bills and extend the life of your HVAC unit, it is important to perform regular maintenance. However, many homeowners are unaware of what to do. This article from Progressive Heating and Air Experts covers 10 Cost-Saving DIY HVAC Maintenance Tips to Keep Your System Working Properly.

1. Replacing Air Filters

Replacing your HVAC filter is an inexpensive DIY maintenance tip that helps to improve your home’s indoor air quality. On average, you should replace your HVAC filters every one to three months.

2. Cleaning Evaporator Coils

Clean evaporator coils are an essential part of your HVAC preventative maintenance plan. The best way to do this is by using a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. This will prevent dust from clogging the evaporator coils and help your system to work more efficiently.

3. Cleaning Air Ducts

If your air ducts are dirty, you should clean them regularly. This will improve your airflow, reduce allergens and other pollutants that are native to Atlanta, and help your AC system Cost-Saving DIY HVAC Maintenance Tips from Progressive Heating and Air Experts run more efficiently. To do this, remove the vent covers and use a vacuum to clean them. If your vents are especially dirty, you may need to hire a professional.

4. Checking for Water Leakage

If you are seeing water leaking from the bottom of your window AC unit, it is time to call an HVAC specialist. This can be a serious issue that needs to be fixed immediately. It is often caused by a broken condensate pump or an improperly capped freon line.

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